• Introductions


  • What we talk about when we talk about pop culture


Parks and Recreation

The Blacklist

  • Elizabeth Keane and biotexts
  • Adoption as feminist choice
  • More on the work/life balance
  • Raymond Reddington: Pro-feminist Felon?
  • Feminist missteps and the Final Girl
  • This plot sounds kind of familiar…
  • Et tu, Clarice Starling?
  • Why do we equate power with violence?
  • There is nothing new under the sun.
  • A good conversation-starter
  • Good v. Evil

Friday Night Lights

  • It’s not really (just) about football
  • Let’s talk about Tami, y’all.
  • Even more on the work/life balance
  • “How the Other Half Lives” and the principal’s husband
  • Marital give-and-take is important in both life and art
  • You will cry, and you should skip Season Two.
  • Fighting with compassion behind it
  • Thanks to all three Christian Feminist Husbands ™ for their support
  • Christianity, hypocrisy, and individual religion
  • Becky’s abortion: a nuanced portrayal

Passing On


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