The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #118: Metamodernism

General Introduction
– Listener feedback
– We talk about Mike Tyson for awhile

What Is Postmodernism?
– Modernism without the anxiety
– Incredulity toward metanarratives
– Playfulness and literary production
– Local subjective truths
– Ontology, not epistemology
– Historicism in biblical studies
– Postmodernist architecture
– Whose metamodernism?
– Smiling nihilism

Postmodern Irony
– The hermeneutics of suspicion
– Postmodernism without irony
– Advertising becomes self-conscious
– The dismissal of the postcolonial
– Corrosive postmodern cool

What Killed Postmodernism?
– The three murderers
– Pushed toward reflection and progress
Love Actually and the post-9/11 romantic comedy
– Precursors
– The change in Emergent Christianity
– 9/11 and the Death of Irony
– Existence in the as-if

Defining Metamodernism
– Both/neither naivete and irony
– Oscillation between ironic and fanatical
– Dialectic vs. oscillation
– Wishing and hoping
– Postmodernism as a luxury

Cultural Artifacts
– Recovering sincerity from nihilism
– Wallace’s commencement address
– Metamodernist architecture
– An heir to Wallace
– On quirky

Let’s Fight
– What makes Nathan so angry?
– Redefining postmodernism
– The central decentered confession
– What do you do with the lie?
– The dangers of combination
– Living in hope and despair
– How consumerist is this?
– Neo-Romanticism and commitment

Metamodernist Christianity
– Metamodernist all along
– The Obama moment
– Something to resist, or appropriate?
– The third space of confession
– Don’t be a tool
– Back to hope

Our in-and-out music this week is Okkervil River’s “Down Down the Deep River,” from their latest album, The Silver Gymnasium.

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