The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #117: Return of the Jedi

General Introduction
– Wrapped up in wires
– How tall are we?
– Listener feedback

The Descent to the Underworld
– Opening the third act
– Katabasis
– A gender-reversed Orpheus
– What makes Danny’s daughter upset
– A sign of Luke’s power

Jabba the Hutt
– Fat Brando
– Edward Said has an aneurysm
– Dobra Do Henry VIII, Dobra Do
– A warning sign for human consumption
– Parodying the empire

Back to Dagobah
– Taking on the family trade
– The thin place
– How to finish your training
– Obi Wan’s relativism
– Lessons from the Jedi masters

– An iceberg
– Art-house Star Wars
– Providing symmetry
– Han and Lando
– The gender politics of Return of the Jedi

The Ewoks
– Better than you remember
– The noble savage
– The marketing tail wags the dog
– Danny deconstructs the battle
– Nature vs. machine
– C3PO’s character arc

Inside the Death Star
– The tedium of the emperor
– Luke in the hurricane’s eye
– The ethical dilemma at the heart of the battle
– Darth Vader’s quasi-redemption
– The length of the empire
– The emperor has no clothes
– Evil imploding
– Nerd alert!

To Zub-Zub or Not to Zub-Zub
– Incorporating the prequels
– The new Disney soundtrack
– Luke’s ghostly visions
– Lucas gets desperate
– We talk about race for awhile

Lightning Round
– The journey of the epic hero
– The happiest of the films
– On Wedge
– John Williams again

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