Nathan Gilmour


Nathan Gilmour specializes in not having a specialty, having taught courses in English literature, writing, Greek philosophy, Biblical studies, Roman tragedy, Russian novels, theology, and most recently rhetorical theory.  Soon he will add Old English to the list of things he’s taught.

His dissertation, Ethical Succession: Theological Movement in English Renaissance Literature, explores the connections between succession stories in 16th- and 17th-century English literature and the questions of free will, depravity, and the possibility of virtuous pagans in Reformation theology and demonstrates that the poets’ moves anticipate late-modern Radical Orthodox and postliberal Christian theology.  Among his current projects are a book on rhetoric and theology geared for Christian college professors and a novel with King Saul of 1 Samuel as its protagonist.

Nathan is the lucky husband of Mary Gilmour and proud papa of Micah and Miriam Gilmour.