Nathan Gilmour


Nathan Gilmour specializes in not having a specialty, having taught courses in English literature, writing, Greek philosophy, Biblical studies, Roman tragedy, Russian novels, theology, rhetorical theory, Old English, and all sorts of groovy things.

His dissertation, Ethical Succession: Theological Movement in English Renaissance Literature, explores the connections between succession stories in 16th- and 17th-century English literature and the questions of free will, depravity, and the possibility of virtuous pagans in Reformation theology and demonstrates that the poets’ moves anticipate late-modern Radical Orthodox and postliberal Christian theology.  Among his current projects are a book on rhetoric and theology geared for Christian college professors and a novel with King Saul of 1 Samuel as its protagonist.

Nathan is the lucky husband of Mary Gilmour and proud papa of Micah and Miriam Gilmour.