Wittgenstein Wednesdays, Session 8: Philosophical Investigations sections 293-362

Part 1: Philosophical Investigations sections 1-25 Part 2: Philosophical Investigations sections 26-52 Part 3: Philosophical Investigations sections 53-86 Part 4: Philosophical Investigations sections 87-139 Part 5: Philosophical Investigations sections 140-170 Part 6: Philosophical Investigations sections 171-215 Part 7: Philosophical Investigations sections 216-292 Part 8: Philosophical Investigations sections 293-362 Part 9: Philosophical Investigations sections[…]

The Christian Feminist Podcast Episode # 23: Cross-gendered Friendship

Intros Knowing Purity Culture What we mean by “cross-gendered friendship” Connections to women in church leadership Reading Passing On The Book of Daniel, Ch. 13 (The Story of Susanna) Cheryl Sandberg’s Lean[…]


Blogging Through Critique of Pure Reason, part 2: Transcendental Aesthetic and Introduction to Transcendental Logic

Series Index Introductions and the Introduction Transcendental Aesthetic and Introduction to Transcendental Logic Before I launch into my first contribution to our joint project on Kant, a personal note. I read substantial excerpts of Kant’s[…]