Truth and Method by Hans-Georg Gadamer

Michial Farmer and Nathan Gilmour blogged through Hans Georg Gadamer’s Truth and Method in 2013. 

  1. Introduction and the Humanist Tradition
  2. The Subjectivization of Aesthetics
  3. Retrieving the Question of Aesthetic Truth
  4. Play as the Clue to Ontological Explanation
  5. Aesthetic and Hermeneutic Consequences
  6. The Questionableness of Romantic Hermeneutics
  7. Dilthey’s Entanglements in the Aporias of Historicism
  8. Overcoming the Epistemological Problem
  9. The Elevation of the Historicity of Language
  10. The Fundamental Hermeneutical Problem
  11. Analysis of Historically Effected Consciousness
  12. Language as the Medium of Hermeneutic Experience
  13. The Development of the Concept of Language in the History of Western Thought
  14. Language as Horizon of a Hermeneutical Ontology


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