The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #124: Pulp Fiction

…Oh, I’m sorry. Did I break your concentration?

General Introduction
– We’re all here!
– The Polar Vortex
– Listener feedback and a caveat

Pulp Autobiography
– Encountering the parody first
– Why Danny hates Forrest Gump
– Nathan Gilmour, n-words!
– A college-freshman movie

Non-Linear Plots
– Formulating gaps for the viewer
– A snake eating its tail
– Interlocking short-stories
– Is it hard to follow?
– Cheapening death
– A digression about Uma Thurman
– In comparison to Reservoir Dogs
– Tarantino fatigue

Tarantino’s Los Angeles
– Quotations from other movies
– Hollywood and Los Angeles
– The mixedness of Los Angeles
– Blackness as cool
– Travolta as white stand-in
– Talking exploitation
– Canvas, not character

Its Violence
– Our wives object
– The meaninglessness of the violence
– Just off-screen
– Stylization and mood whiplash
– Tarantino and the Coen Brothers

Tarantino’s Theology
– Divine intervention
– Accepting and rejecting grace
– Are we overanalyzing?
– Individualism and the interpretation of miracles
– The Bible verse

Other Stuff
– Redemption and resurrection
– Underwhelmed in retrospect
– Praising the actors

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