The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #85: The Federalist Papers, Vol. 3

General Introduction
– Manageable outcomes assessment
– Midterm grades vs. Fall Break
– Listener feedback
– Teaching rhetoric at Christian colleges

The Controversy Over the President
– What the Anti-Federalists worried about
– Classical fears
– Anti-monarchical fever
– Fascists and communists
– Serraglia and Janissaries

Hamilton Responds
– Frequent elections (but not term limits)
– Impeachment and censuring
– Congressional approval
– Commander-in-chief
– Pardoning power
– Convening and breaking Congress
– President vs. governor

– Congressional approval
– Battlefield and ceremony
– War and the use of force

The Presidential Power of Pardon
– The wisdom of the individual
– Pardoning traitors
– How Enlightened
– The (very incomplete) history of the pardon

A Less-Interesting Power
– Appointing officers
– Congressional approval (again)
– Checks and balances

Presidents We Like
– Eisenhower stands up to Israel
– Nixon succeeds despite the worst of intentions
– Pardoning the draft-dodgers
– We almost discuss the Supreme Court
– Jefferson vs. the pirates

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