The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #83: The Federalist Papers, Part One

General Introduction
– David squares the circle
– The chatter continues on the blog
– Email, Facebook, or nothing at all

What Is a Federalist, Anyway?
– The Articles of Confederation
– Worthless money
– Political uprisings
– Federalists and Anti-Federalists
– The first ugly campaign
– Are people getting dumber?

– Friend of the people
– Anti-monarchial revolution
– Old republics and new republics
– Rome and early America

Standing Armies and the Course of Government
– Wars between the states
– Britain or the continent?
– Soldiers and citizens
– Sixty years of endless war
– The Second Amendment
– Why intent can’t be the end of interpretation

The Confederate Republic
– Neither democracy nor monarchy
– Bonding together
– The fear of consolidation
– Two tiers are better than one
– Montesquieu boils over
– Government as agent of virtue
– Proportionate representation
– In praise of the French

– How they form
– Why we can’t get rid of them
– Madison’s solution
– Public reason
– Obstructionism, checks, and balances
– Confederacies of factions
– Pure Enlightenment?

Let’s Party!
– Why we can’t eliminate parties
– What Christianity tells us
– Realizing the eschaton
– Why factions might be helpful

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