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The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode # 39: Hamilton

Hamilton Logo


  • Background onĀ HamiltonĀ  and Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • How we discovered the show and why it’s interesting
  • Songs we love: “Burn,” “Guns and Ships,” “The Schuyler Sisters”


Passing On

The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #85: The Federalist Papers, Vol. 3

General Introduction – Manageable outcomes assessment – Midterm grades vs. Fall Break – Listener feedback – Teaching rhetoric at Christian colleges The Controversy Over the President – What the Anti-Federalists worried about – Classical fears – Anti-monarchical fever – Fascists and communists – Serraglia and Janissaries Hamilton Responds – Frequent elections (but not term limits)…

The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #83: The Federalist Papers, Part One

General Introduction – David squares the circle – The chatter continues on the blog – Email, Facebook, or nothing at all What Is a Federalist, Anyway? – The Articles of Confederation – Worthless money – Political uprisings – Federalists and Anti-Federalists – The first ugly campaign – Are people getting dumber? Publius – Friend of…