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The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode # 41: Live at Wild Goose

Receiving, Responding, Reshaping Stories of Womanhood Knowing:  Carla Ewert and Danny Anderson: Intro and Wild Goose reflection Russ Jennings talks about the Christian Humanist Network Carla Ewert on Wild Goose Theme Interviews:  Teresa Pasquale Brie Stoner Josh Scott Passing On:  Other great podcasts from Wild Goose: Love in a Dangerous Time with Russ Jennings The…

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode # 39: Hamilton

Hamilton Logo


  • Background on Hamilton  and Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • How we discovered the show and why it’s interesting
  • Songs we love: “Burn,” “Guns and Ships,” “The Schuyler Sisters”


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The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode # 34: Taylor Swift



Listener e-mail and thanks


  • Are the CFPers Swifties?
  • A quick bio


Passing On

  • Various links on White Feminism:

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode # 33: Jane Eyre



  • Our first Jane Eyre experiences
  • A Christian feminist novel?


  • Rochester’s mistress v. St. John’s wife
  • Bessie, Bertha, and women speaking up for women
  • Jane and religious intermediaries
  • Brocklehurst and correct ways to read the Bible
  • Helen Burns and forgiveness
  • Helen Burns and children’s death narratives
  • Lightning Round: PoCo readings, symbolic language, desire v. duty

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The ChristianFeminist Podcast, Ep. # 29: Thanksgiving

Knowing Intros—Welcome, Jay! Thanks and listener mail Why we cook Reading Food in the Bible Hospitality as Christian virtue The first Thanksgiving: Myth and fact Passing On Bread and Wine Every Body Matters Faith and History The Music of the Pilgrims Recipes Squash Apple Bake 2 lbs butternut squash, peeled and sliced into rings/circles (or…

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode # 24: Supernatural

Intros A correction Knowing Show creation and general synopsis How we got into Supernatural Is it sexist? Does it treat religion well?–Some general thoughts Reading Supernatural and religion: subtext becomes text “Faith” (1.12) “The Man Who Would Be King” (6.20) “Pilot” (1.1), fridging, and The Angel in the House Some notably complex women: Jo, Ellen, Bela, and…

The Christian Feminist Podcast Episode # 23: Cross-gendered Friendship

Intros Knowing Purity Culture What we mean by “cross-gendered friendship” Connections to women in church leadership Reading Passing On The Book of Daniel, Ch. 13 (The Story of Susanna) Cheryl Sandberg’s Lean In

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode # 17: Ancillary Justice and Feminist Science Fiction

Intros KNOWING Publication and reception of Ancillary Justice A bit on the novel’s novel approach to gender A very brief history of gendered pronouns in Feminist Theory READING Pronouns and gender in Ancillary Justice Race and Postcolonialism in Ancillary Justice Religion in Ancillary Justice PASSING ON Help Victoria read more SF! Ursula K. LeGuin…

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode #15: Christianity and Sex-Positivism

Introductions Knowing Why this episode? Definitions of sex-positivism and sex-negativism More on sex-positivism as a movement Reading : Chapter Four of Christian Perspectives of Sex and Pornography Passing On  

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode 13: Christian Women and Leaning In

Knowing A quick bio of Sheryl Sandberg The birth and spread of the Lean In brand Media responses Reading Our experiences of women in authority (with bonus introduction to our newest panelist, Nora!) Does Lean In challenge or reinforce current social norms? Lean In and Christianity Passing On

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode 11: LGBTQ People and the Church

Intros, and welcome to our guest panelist Knowing Why the topic Defining some terms Torn and the Gay Christian Network Danny Cortez and the SBC Why this topic is important to us Reading Justin Lee and growing up as a gay Christian The problem with “Love the sinner; hate the sin” Lee’s conclusions: Side A…

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode #10: Orange is the New Black

Intros and listener emails Knowing Some information on Piper Kerman and her memoir Reading Our favorite characters and the nature of the ensemble Pennsatucky, Sister Ingalls, and OitNB’s depictions of Christianity Sexuality, queerness, and gender identity on OitNB Prisoner/guard power relations Lightning round wrap-up Passing On

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode 9: The Feminist Internet

Knowing The femfuture report Responses to the controversy  Reading Our feminist internet experiences Is the tonal shift real? Activism and racism online Neologism and feminist discourse Representation and tone policing How our Christianities tell us to respond  Passing On [A/N: Because there are more links than usual this episode, and because several were mentioned…

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode 8.2: Sex, Mom, and God

Knowing Tone and structure Francis and Edith Schaeffer as Christian cultural figures L’Abri Fellowship International Reading Chapter Two: “Magic Menstrual Mummies” Chapter Five: “It’s Good to be Queen (And Rushdoony)” Chapter Eight: “’Make Sure You Tell Your Readers I Changed My Mind’” In which the CFP complains mightily about the Epilogue Passing On…