• Intros
  • A correction


  • Show creation and general synopsis
  • How we got into Supernatural
  • Is it sexist? Does it treat religion well?–Some general thoughts


  • Supernatural and religion: subtext becomes text
  • “Faith” (1.12)
  • “The Man Who Would Be King” (6.20)
  • “Pilot” (1.1), fridging, and The Angel in the House
  • Some notably complex women: Jo, Ellen, Bela, and Jodi
  • “Hibbing 911″ (10.8)”
  • A lightning round

Passing On

The amazing “Changing Channels” title sequence

Female Characters on Supernatural: A Flowchart (Warning: Adult Language at Link)

“Demon Hunters and Hegemony”: Portrayal of Religion on the CW’s Supernatural

Dean’s dismantled machismo

Misha Collins on Twitter

Veronica Mars wiki

Bronwyn Calvert’s essay in this book


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