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It’s been 6 years since the Christian Feminists last tackled the Winchesters. Now that the long-running series has concluded, Alexis Neal, Victoria Reynolds Farmer, and Laurie Norris return to discuss its progress and problems.


    • The Road So Far
    • Lightning Round (Show Notes only)
      • Rowena, King of Hell: After sacrificing herself to save the world, Rowena becomes the ruler of Hell and reforms punishment and damnation processes in the afterlife in a way that acknowledges that not all mistakes should be eternal. (15.08, 15.15) (Laurie)
      • Eileen Leahy, Hunter: It’s incredibly rare for a disabled woman character to actually be played by a disabled woman, so that’s a welcome representational step on its own. On top of that, Eileen is portrayed as smart and strong, and she has both physical and sexual agency. I would have loved to see a deeper romantic relationship between her and Sam, but the fact that they flirted and implied a relationship is still a pretty big deal. (15.06, 15.08) (Victoria)
      • Mrs. Butters, Wood Nymph: There’s a subtext of “women who ‘choose’ to be in the home are deluded, self-deceived victims who need to be liberated (by men, of course)”, which isn’t terribly creative or nuanced, but I appreciated that Mrs. Butters’ work produces real benefits for the brothers (emotionally, practically, physically, etc.) and her departure is a genuine loss for them. The work she does has value. She’s also powerful, capable, and clever, handily neutralizing Jack (!) and the brothers when she starts to perceive them as a threat. (15.14) (Alexis)


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