The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #87: Death

General Introduction
– Nathan’s snottier than usual
– David goes back to bed
– Listener feedback

Death in the Bible
– A Psalm of Moses
– Daniel speaks out
– Job knows that his redeemer liveth
– Conscious afterlife?
– Christ and Lazarus
– The Bible’s lack of systematic theology

Other Ancient Views
– Nathan plugs N.T. Wright
– Ghost stories and the afterlife
– Bodily resurrection

Medieval Death
– Memento mori
– The dance of death
– Death the great equalizer
– Christ Enthroned
– Bede dies, venerably
– Body, soul, and the resurrection

Post-Christian Death
– The rise of medicine
– All streams leading to one sea
– Public atheism
– Locke’s systematic heaven
– Romantic thanatopsis

Deathly Literature
– A deep cut from Shakespeare
– Caedmon’s death song
– The high points of the Divine Comedy
– The allegory of temptation
– Neighbour Rosicky dies a quasi-Christian death
– Death as catalyst for spiritual action

Death and Existentialism
– Being-in-the-face-of-death
– A case of the death
– Suicide as (no) solution
– Recovering the hermit’s skull
– The obsession of the Christian existentialists

How Should We Respond?
– Bible as death resource
– Learning to die by watching others
– Nathan bites his tongue at the funeral home
– Death is unnatural

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