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City of Man, Episode 146: Locke on Education and Human Nature

Stream or download this episode In today’s episode, Coyle talks to Dr. Sara Henary about her recent article in Perspectives on Political Science, “Human Malleability and Liberalism in Locke’s Some Thoughts Concerning Education.” Locke’s Some Thoughts Concerning EducationLocke’s Essay Concerning Human UnderstandingLocke’s Second Treatise on GovernmentDr. Henary’s article

The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #87: Death

General Introduction – Nathan’s snottier than usual – David goes back to bed – Listener feedback Death in the Bible – A Psalm of Moses – Daniel speaks out – Job knows that his redeemer liveth – Conscious afterlife? – Christ and Lazarus – The Bible’s lack of systematic theology Other Ancient Views – Nathan…

The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #70: Epistemology

General Introduction – Dr. Gilmour!!! – We kid because we envy – Listener feedback – The delay in show notes – What’s on the blog? What Is Epistemology? – It’s all indirectly Greek to me – Mise en abyme – Connection to metaphysics – Epistemology junkies – Invoking epistemology to affirm or deny metaphysics Ancient…