The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #70: Epistemology

General Introduction
– Dr. Gilmour!!!
– We kid because we envy
– Listener feedback
– The delay in show notes
– What’s on the blog?

What Is Epistemology?
– It’s all indirectly Greek to me
– Mise en abyme
– Connection to metaphysics
– Epistemology junkies
– Invoking epistemology to affirm or deny metaphysics

Ancient Epistemology
– Forms and objects in Plato
– Another remove
– Innate knowledge
– Aristotelian observation
Telos and the individual object
– Thomist epistemology and Thomist metaphysics
– The necessity of divine illumination

Descartes’ Epistemological Turn
– Hidey hidey hidey ho
– Doubt everything
Je pense donc je suis!
– Augustinian influence
– Descartes’ unsatisfactory solution
– The Cartesian Reese’s cup
– The difficulty of refuting rationalists

The Rise of Empiricism
– Building ideas
– Nathan’s favorite skeptical atheist
– The elimination of causality
– Today’s inconsistent empiricists
– The cult of the scientist

Kant! Kant! Kant!
– The best(?) of both worlds
– Kant is hard
– Noumena and phenomena
A priori categories
– On hating Kant more than you love Jesus
– Kant’s relationship to Hume

Post-Kantian Epistemology
– Analytic and continental
– Logical positivism and its heirs
– Hegel’s ghosts and organs
– Thomas Kuhn and the historical scientific question
– The epistemological humility of the Emergent Church
– Pragmatism

What Difference Does It Make?
– The message we must spread
– Breaking apart from the age
– Correcting the mistakes of others
– Avoiding the whig view of history

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