General Introduction
– What’s not on the blog?
– Thus begins the triptych of spring 2012

New Testament Humility
– The ethics of humility
– The Golden Rule, further
– Christ’s kenosis and ours
– Greatness requires great humility
– Gregory the Great Servant

Thomist Humility
– Aristotelian balance
– Seven virtues
– The interconnectedness of virtue
– Humility as check on magnanimity

Dante’s Terrace of the Prideful
– Exemplary statues
– The triple humility of the Annunciation
– David’s humble showmanship
– Trajan as model for Christian humility
– Justice needs humility
– The trials of the proud

Nietzsche Deconstructs Humility
– Return to pagan morality
– Inversion of master and slave
– Socratic and Christian humility
– Freud’s Neurotic Humility
– Modern self-esteem

Literary Humility
– The quiet hobbit
– Whitman’s egotheism
– Rebel rebel angels join the chorus

Humility as Tool of the Powerful
– Philippians as cure
– Quiet oppression
– The example of Africa
– Thomas’ pre-solution
– What isn’t humility?

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