The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #69: Sidekicks

Sorry it’s late, folks–I totally spaced on it!

General Introduction
– Nathan defends!
– How sound editing works
– Listener feedback
– What’s on the blog? And why NOT?

The Sidekick with a Thousand Faces
– Why does Campbell leave Wiglaf out?
– Marginalizing the sidekick
– Meditations on hero-life
– The lone knight and the languishing maiden
– Do sidekicks have an identity of their own?

Sidekick as Reader Surrogate
– A little dumber than the audience
– No unexpressed thoughts
– Robin as audience surrogate
– The blandness of the surrogate
– The death and resurrection of the teen sidekick
– Police procedurals

The Sidekick Ex Machina
– Its prevalence in children’s programming
– Looking down on the hero
– The eleven-year-old hacker
– Competent cartoon dads

The Ethnic Sidekick
– Justifiable uneasiness
– Searching for the noble ethnic sidekick

The Successor Sidekick
– Commander Riker
– The evolution of Ben Kenobi
– Extending the career of the sidekick
The Adventures of Wiglaf

The Henchman
– The idiot henchmen
– The henchman switching sides
– Evil is more interesting than good
– How real supervillains act

Theological Sidekicks
– The disciples, the apostles, and you
– The beatitudes and sidekicks
– Sidekick, not maiden

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