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The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #141: The Christian Humanist Podcast

David Grubbs leads a discussion with Nathan Gilmour and Michial Farmer about what makes our podcast a particularly Christian endeavor. We also give our personal histories with the faith and with intellectualism and explain a few movements with which we associate–and don’t associate. Our intro music this week is a Vacation Bible School classic.

The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #89: Flannery O'Connor

General Introduction – This time David’s sick – Advising time – Old English – Listener feedback Who Was Flannery O’Connor? – Contemporary popularity – Iowa Writer’s Workshop – Christian theology – Appeal to the layman – Lupus and teleology – Other Southern writers “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” – In conversation, in the…

The Christian Humanist, Episode #29: Mentors and Telemachi

General Introduction – Reunited and it feels so good – Some talk about offices – What’s on the blog? Etymology – Mental? Mentos? – Turning to the Greek – Why it’s wrong to say “mentee” – Divinity enters in – A relationship between unequals – Grubbs goes allegorical Paul and Timothy – A new kind…