The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #89: Flannery O'Connor

General Introduction
– This time David’s sick
– Advising time
– Old English
– Listener feedback

Who Was Flannery O’Connor?
– Contemporary popularity
– Iowa Writer’s Workshop
– Christian theology
– Appeal to the layman
– Lupus and teleology
– Other Southern writers

“A Good Man Is Hard to Find”
– In conversation, in the classroom
– Spoilers ahead
– What is goodness?
– Is the grandmother saved?
– Throwing everything off balance
– A fundamentalist choice
– Aristocratic superiority
– How crazy is the grandmother?

“Some Aspects of the Grotesque in Southern Fiction”
– Balking at novelistic orthodoxy
– Social fiction and the grotesque
– Realism of distances
– Theological sense of moral judgment

“Good Country People”
– Grotesque names for grotesque people
– Chrustian service
– Seeing through to nothing
– Damned to be oneself
– Autobiography
– Awfulness without history
– O’Connor’s method

– From judgment to redemption
– Rejoicing in Purgatory
– Praying to idols
– Why a revelation?

The Hillbilly Thomist
– The physical and spiritual worlds
– The educated liberal
– The contemptible contemptuous

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