The Christian Humanist, Episode #29: Mentors and Telemachi

General Introduction
– Reunited and it feels so good
– Some talk about offices
– What’s on the blog?

– Mental? Mentos?
– Turning to the Greek
– Why it’s wrong to say “mentee”
– Divinity enters in
– A relationship between unequals
– Grubbs goes allegorical

Paul and Timothy
– A new kind of mentor
– Apostolic succession
– Distinguishing mentor from friend
– Put me in, coach
– Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-San
– Teachers and pastors
– About the Stone-Campbell tradition

Our Stories
– Personal mentors
– Michial’s discomfort with literature changing lives
– Nathan’s crushing guilt
– Girl trouble!
– David’s tribute to his fallen mentor

Authors as Mentors
– Can a person you’ve never met be a mentor?
– Walter Brueggemann and Stanley Hauerwas
– Walker Percy
– C.S. Lewis, of course
– Gods do answer fan mail

How Do You Get a Protégé?
– You beg, obviously
– Don’t major in English!
– Being yourself
– Getting mentored by the prof-bots
– The frustrations of the major university
– Why it helps to have no social life
– Is it better to be young or old?
– Oh, snap!

Forcing or Facilitating Mentors
– Can you require it?
– Faculty advising
– “Barnabas Groups”
– Eating with the students
– A notice to Christian colleges re: hiring

Brueggemann, Walter. Journey to the Common Good. Philadelphia: Westminster John Knox, 2010.

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Wood, Ralph C. The Comedy of Redemption: Christian Faith and Comic Vision in Four American Novelists. South Bend, Ind.: U of Notre Dame P, 1991.

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