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The Christian Feminist Podcast #151: The Public Universal Friend

Listen here Marie Hause, Carla Godwin, and guest Carole Hawke discuss the Public Universal Friend, an early American religious leader. Knowing Background on the Public Universal Friend and the Friend’s performance of genderlessness What pronoun practices do we use for the Friend? What were our first impressions of the Public Universal Friend? Reading Scott Larson,…

A Christian Feminist Podcast tribute to Rachel Held Evans

Like many people  of faith all over the world, we at the Christian Feminist Podcast were saddened when author and speaker Rachel Held Evans’ standard hospital stay turned into a medically induced coma, and overwhelmed with grief upon receiving news of her untimely death on May 4, 2019. We share Rachel’s commitment to modeling a…

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode #93: White Christian Women and Black Lives Matter

Reading Waking Up White, and Finding Myself in the Race Story by Debby Irving Is Black Lives Matter the New Civil Rights Movement by Mika Edmondson   Passing On How White Christians Can Stand in Solidarity with Minority Brothers and Sisters White Supremacy is Spiritual Bondage Charles W. McKinney’s Twitter thread with his thoughts on…

City of Man, Episode 65: Femininity

Download or Stream this Episode In today’s episode, we bookend our discussion of masculinity by examining the question of what femininity is with the help of special guests, Victoria Reynolds Farmer and Alexis Neal from the Christian Feminist Podcast. Readings from the Episode: Sorties The Second Sex Captivating Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

City of Man, Episode 62: Masculinity

Download or Stream this Episode In today’s episode, Ed and Coyle talk about a variety of issues surrounding the idea of masculinity–the stereotypes associated with it, what is really is, and whether there are some masculine traits that are essentially associated with men. Readings mentioned in the Episode: Wild at Heart Recovering Biblical Manhood and…

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode #47 : The Twilight Zone

Knowing About the crossover Our history with The Twilight Zone Episode summaries Reading “The Hitchhiker”: Nan as a lady; The hitchhiker and the sailor; The episode’s view of death “Eye of the Beholder”: The big twist; Affirming and denying cuktural beauty standards; Conformity and authoritarianism Passing On The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation “Black Men in Public…

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode # 34: Taylor Swift



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