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Marie Hause, Carla Godwin, and guest Carole Hawke discuss the Public Universal Friend, an early American religious leader.


Background on the Public Universal Friend and the Friend’s performance of genderlessness

What pronoun practices do we use for the Friend?

What were our first impressions of the Public Universal Friend?


Scott Larson, “‘Indescribable Being’: Theological Performances of Genderlessness in the Society of the Public Universal Friend, 1776-1819”

The Friend’s gender presentation and its religious significance

Women in leadership and issues of chastity and subordination of the body in the Society of Universal Friends

Demographics of the Society of Universal Friends and comparison with the Shakers

The role of the Friend and the Society in colonization

Passing On

As a Woman: What I Learned About Power, Sex, and the Partriarchy After I Transitioned, by Paula Stone Williams

The How to Love Lit podcast, especially the episode on Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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