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Sectarian Review 8: Merle Haggard

Download or Stream this Episode Danny Anderson is joined by the Christian Humanist Podcast’s Michial Farmer and are joined by special guest….Mike Farmer, Michial’s dad! Join in for a nostalgic discussion about a true American master, the late, great Merle Haggard.What exactly made this former criminal and hobo a musical genius? Listen for some answers.

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode # 34: Taylor Swift



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The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #163: Listener Feedback

The Christian Humanists respond to listener emails. [0:00] An announcement from David Grubbs! [5:05] Why Christian Existentialism? [9:12] Kierkegaard and Christendom [17:41] John McAdams and academic freedom [27:09] More holy fools [30:15] Episode suggestions [35:43] John Adams insults / Thomas Jefferson and the French Revolution. Also, Assassin’s Creed [39:58] The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (and Fuller…

Anonymity, Fame, and Alienation

In 1966, Ralph Harper, the Episcopal priest and expositor of existentialism, found himself in the middle of the alienating twentieth century. Spiritual alienation, of course, existed long before 1966, and long before Harper’s “century of homelessness and exile, of nervous disorder and persecution, of actual enslavement and barbaric cruelty.” And yet the alienation of Harper’s…

Gene Simmons, Capitalism, and Why I’m Torn about the Death of Rock

Gene Simmons: “Rock Is Finally Dead” The Parable of the Madman from The Gay Science might seem a strange partner for a Gene Simmons interview, but the latter made me think of the former.  Of course, both of them deal with moments of cultural transition, the sorts of things about which historians argue and philosophers speculate and…

The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #142: The Suburbs

Michial Farmer leads a discussion with Nathan Gilmour and a very ill David Grubbs on the peculiarly modern ecosystem of suburbia. Listen and hear why we hate American Beauty, what sorts of virtues are distinctly possible in the suburbs, and where Gomorrahan soccer moms lived. Our theme music this week is Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs,” from…

The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #140: Answers to Your Questions

We answer your emails today! If you’d like to be included on a future listener-feedback episode, send your comments, complaints, critiques, or criticism to Here are the time marks for the individual emails and subjects, should you wish to skip ahead. [03:05] Mark Heard and listener feedback about listener feedback. (See below.) [04:29] Karl…

The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #138: Mark Heard

Michial Farmer leads a discussion with Nathan Gilmour and David Grubbs about the late singer/songwriter Mark Heard’s 1992 greatest-hits album High Noon. Heard died unexpected of a heart attack in 1992, and still remains an obscure name today. But his music is some of the best that “Christian rock” has had to offer the world.…

The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #126: American Folk Music

General Introduction – Listener feedback – Tarantino and meaning – Harper Lee, the great American novelist? – More fake papers for us – The mascot of the CHU – The Nobel Prize Personal Experiences – Encountering at a distance – Billy Bragg (and/or Wilco) – Growing up with it – Cultural anthropology of mid-‘80s Indiana…

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode 5.2: Feminism at the Movies

Author’s Note: Marie’s microphone was being a bit spotty. We’re sorry! Introductions KNOWING A review of the Bechdel Test : It’s about representation. Objections to the test More representation gives space for more types of women! READING Alien “She is the protagonist.” Unisex characters addressed by surnames allow us to focus on character rather…

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode #3.1: Third Wave and Riot Grrrl

  Knowing When was the Third Wave? Why was the Third Wave? Pop culture and “The personal is political.” Reading Laurie was a punk rocker: anger, class consciousness, and feminism Punk girlfriends and the human coatrack Musicianship is secondary to participation Victoria gets to riot grrrl by way of Shakespeare The problem of riot…

The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #109: Country Music

General Introduction – No listener feedback – Our sister podcasts Our Stories with Country Music – West Virginia immigrants – Neo-Traditionalism – Country music and the Klan – The Dixie Chicks’ fall from grace – Alternative country The Sources of Country Music – Transcending race but not class – The coalescing of Old Time –…