Michial Farmer leads Nathan Gilmour and David Grubbs in a discussion of the 1995 Vigilantes of Love albuma3068498947_16 Blister Soul.

3 thoughts on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #186: Blister Soul”
  1. I would not have been the least bit receptive to Mallonee and his Vigilantes when they were on the scene, and indeed had to frog-march myself through a couple of Blistered listening sessions (the propeller-heads I hang with know me to be a reliable Wilco-slagger). HOWEVER, your previous Xn Rock explorations have always yielded happy insights and revelations, so off to eMusic I clicked. And I’m glad I made the effort because this album did in fact penetrate and become welcome sonic grist in my mental mill. Cheers – Darrell

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