The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode 36: A Primer on Complementarianism

Katie Grubbs, Victoria Reynolds Farmer, and Alexis Neal give an introduction to complementarianism as it functions in marriage relationships and church ministry.


Why might we need to define complementarianism for our listeners?  How are we providing viewpoint balance in this episode and the next one?


-The genesis and history of the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and John Piper and Wayne Grudem’s seminal text, Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, with emphasis on the “Rationale” section of the CBMW’s Danvers Statement

-The “Affirmations” portion of the Danvers Statement: what are the actual core doctrinal tenets of modern complementarianism?

-The view from the other side: how do egalitarians perceive complementarians?  Are they familiar with the specific beliefs that we have mentioned?

-Ways that we have experienced complementarianism in our lives (Victoria) and/or practice complementarianism in our lives (Katie and Alexis)



-John Piper’s article  “Six Things Submission is Not”

-Gavin Ortlund’s article “Four Dangers for Complementarians”

-Jen Wilkin’s article “Pastoring Women in Complementarian Contexts”


Passing On

-CBMW’s The Danvers Statement

-The Babylon Bee’s “Counsel on Biblical Gender Roles to Update Manuals with Correct Spelling of Complementarian”

-Lily Cherney’s “Are Women Real?: Toward a Comprehensive Complementarianism”

-Jen Wilkin’s “Are Complementarity and Compatibility at Odds?”

-Jen Wilkin’s “More Pressing Than Women Preachers”

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