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Arthur Miller and David Simon, each a genuine American tragedian, saw in the world a clash of powers, jealous gods one and all, each of which would crush an ordinary human being if she decided to stand in the way of institutional incentive structures, the will of a fickle public, the military-industrial complex, or a dozen other such forces.  But that’s not the only way to bring tragedy out of the classroom and into the public.  Bryan Doerries, with his projects Theater of War and Outside the Wire, has brought not only the genre tragedy but particular Athenian tragedies to bear on late-modern military life, prison politics, and end-of-life medicine in ways that fascinate me as a professor of literature and should give you, listener, some food for thought as well.  Because of that and because he agreed to come on after my technological debacle the last time he came on the show, Christian Humanist Profiles is more than glad to welcome him back on the show to talk about his recent book Theater of War.

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