Nathan Gilmour and Michial Farmer answer listeners’ emails.woman-reading-a-letter-woman-in-blue-reading-a-letter-300x300

[03:30- 07:40] Fandom email of gratitude
[07:45- 10:03] Peter’s pronunciation guide
[10:05-16:15]  Eucharist wars: The Seven Year Battle
[16:15- 24:50] Faith and Fiction
[24:50-  30:10] The first schism
[30:13- 37:30] The honorable Baseball
[37:33- 39:17] Lionel Trilling essay, erm, episode
[39:19- 45:00] Hitchhiker’s Guide ​

One thought on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #184.2: Listener Feedback”
  1. Vatican II says Protestants are “separated brethren” and are united with Catholics through baptism, through the shared scriptures, and other things. The anathemas of Trent still apply in the sense that they list what the church sees as error, but since at least the nineteenth the Catholic church has said that later Protestants are not culpable for their error in the same way as the early generations of reformers.

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