Nora Bonner, Katie Grubbs, and Carla Ewert discuss how egalitarianism functions within the church and marriage, what it holds in common with complementarianism, and how the two doctrines tend to approach the scriptures.

INTRODUCTION: Last week’s discussion included the idea that we at the CFP fall on a spectrum when it comes to these doctrines. With that in mind, how do each of us define the two doctrines? What has influenced our decision to choose one over the other? We end this segment with the definitions Rachel Held Evans provides on her blog.

-The difference between patriarchy and complementarianism
-The problem of “progress” and the scriptures, as introduced in Rachel Held Evans’s “Submission in Context: Christ and the Greco-Roman Household.
-An overview of the Christians for Biblical Equality
– Misconceptions about Egalitarianism

1) Rachel Held Evans’s “Week of Mutuality” series (June 2012) from her blog;
2) the website for Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE);
3) “6 things that Egalitarianism is not” from the Junia Project.



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