The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #88: Sermons

The Big Howdy 
– Pronouncing city names
– Nathan has (almost) recovered
– Listener feedback
– Facebook etiquette

What Is Preaching?
The kerygma
Proclamation of an act of God
– Varying and changing forms

A Representative Sermon
– Economical depth
– Concentration and attention
– The twist ending

Representative Sermons
– Jonathan Edwards responds to the skeptics
– The Halfway Covenant
– The unsettling role of a sermon
– Lancelot Andrewes’s Christmas sermon
– Francis preaches to the birds
– Spurgeon converts (and smokes)

How to Write a Sermon
– Nathan’s own process
– Rewriting (are you listening, Freshman Comp students?)
– Lectionary posts
– Judging the quality

Sermon Notes
– Why not take them?
– The difference between a sermon and a lecture
– Sermon as organic experience
– A-hootin’ and a-hollerin’

– Good news for anxious preachers
– The self-help sermon
– Counter-imagination
– Chrysostom talks back
– Cheap grace
– Sermon vs. dialogue

– Sermon jokes
– The abandonment of the sermon
– The Neo-Calvinist danger

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