The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #82: The Ocean

General Introduction
– Whose campus smells worst?
– Nathan pokes another hornet’s nest
– A beer for your stomach

Marine is boring
– Are marines soldiers or sailors?
– The North(ern) Sea
– Plural waters
– Does size matter?

The Ocean in Ancient Cosmologies
– The Babylonian sea dragon
– The ocean as place of danger
– Pacific Island mythologies
– Adonai’s difference
– The Greco-Roman world-ocean
– Scientific understandings
– The oceanic chiasmus

The Literature of the Ocean
Moby-Dick, obviously
The ocean as cure for the coffin factory
– Understanding the mystery
– The sea spits Pym out
– The valley of the shadow of death
– Where have all the Cyclopes gone?
– The place of ambition
– How the ocean teaches you to work
– Well, someone has to mention Coleridge

We Fake Art and Music History Again
– How to dwarf Mt. Fuji
– Homer the optimist and Homer the pessimist
– Cartography and unrealism
– Williams steals from Stravinsky
– David tries to hum Debussy

Our Own Stories
– Nathan discovers the Pacific
– Michial seeks false seas for real depression
– Victoria Farmer stares down Tropical Storm Claudette
– David follows the sun

An Oceanic Theology
– Learning from the Romantics
– Rhetorical reality
– King Knute and the ocean

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