The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #81: Realism

General Introduction
– Why we don’t have a Dr. Who episode
– The Facebook page

So What Is Realism?
– The Oxford Guide weighs in
– Realism vs. unbelievability
– Artistic movements
– Architectural realism
– The discarding of decoration

Realism Before Realism
– The probable and the possible
– Realism vs. nominalism
– Iconography and hagiography
– Dependence on metaphysics

Renaissance Realism
– Verisimilitude
– Those hipster realists!
– Manet’s Venus
– The Thinker reads Dante
– Let’s avoid the Whig view of history

– Crane kills a dog
– Monet basks in a sunbeam
– Debussy builds the ocean
– Subjective realism
– The category gets slippery

Realism and Naturalism
– Neo-Romanticism
– Hyper-Realism
– Whitman splits the difference
– Realism as democracy

Modernism and Postmodernism
– David bunts
– Splintering the real
– The genrification of art
– Subject matter to subject
– Stream-of-consciousness as realist technique
– The realism of the cynic
– Hysterical realism
– Supplemented, not supplanted

The $100,000 Question
– Why should a Christian write or paint realistically?
– Nathan is suspicious
– The role of the prophets
– The reproduction and the grotesque

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