The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #79: The Doctor Is In!

General Introduction
– Welcome back!
– A hot Minnesota August
– Nathan’s premature semester
– Looking forward to David’s J-Term
Prolegomena to Rock
– Listener feedback
– Can we get Nathan to rap?
– Like us on Facebook

Explain the Encyclopedia
– A long ride on an elevator
– Introduction to Contemporary Christian Theology
– The Gilmour-est of topics
– Goodness and free will
– The virtuous pagan
– The final, autobiographical manifesto
– Nathan’s committee and his religious content

Philosophical and Theological Background
– The convergence of theology and literature
– Free will in philosophy and theology
– People outside the faith
– The writing of the dissertation changes the argument
– Nathan rewrites history

Filling the Shakespeare Gap
– Can Shakespeare write a righteous pagan?
– The tragedy/comedy divide
– Why Shakespeare can’t embrace the Calvinist move
– The textuality of the interior life
– How theological a writer is Shakespeare?

The Christian Humanist Dissertation
– Interconnectivity and breadth
– The missing altar call
– David and Michial’s theological moments
– Our podcast gets a mention

Further Stories
– Don’t get a job before you write your dissertation
– Disappearing and reappearing
– Do they shuffle you through?
Sprezzatura and serendipity
– A book for beginning seminarians

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