The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #76.2: The Brothers Karamazov

General Introduction
– Where’s Grubbs?
– Tornados in Kansas
– Pronouncing Karamazov
– Translations

– Dostoevsky’s last novel
– Biographical information
– Connections to previous work

The Brothers
– Alyosha: The Christian
– Ivan: The Intellectual
– Dmitri: The Walking Urge
– Smerdyakov: The Lackey

The Grand Inquisitor vs. Father Zosima
– Rebellion
– Ivan’s maltheism
– Jesus comes back to 16th-century Spain
– Love and power
– Response to Utilitarianism
– Father Zosima lives and speaks

The Children
– Baby Ivan
– Dmitri’s trail of carnage
– Our dog argument
– The cruelty and wonder of children

Miracles and Knowability
– Competing ideologies
– What a narrator
– Central ambiguity
– Can you believe Ivan believing Smerdyakov?

What You Need to Understand It
– A basic understanding of Orthodoxy
– Knowledge of Utilitarianism
– Robin Feuer Miller

Cultural Echoes
– Religious rebels
– Tyler Durden
American Psycho

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