General Introduction
– Disappointing David Grubbs
– Listener feedback
– Stroking and broking the ego
– (Yeah, my math is off)
– A correction
– Theologico et Ratio

– Old Lady Sayers
– End notes, not footnotes
– Reproducing rhyme and meter
– Ciardi’s middle ground
– Musa, king of Dante
– Wikipedia as savior
– The advantages of reading in translation

– C.S. Lewis gets snobby
Thundercats and Plutarch
– Spreading our ignorance

Poet and Persona
– It gets better
– Guelphs and Gibilines
– Who is Beatrice?
– How much biography is necessary?
– The pleasures of rereading

Poet as Synthesizer
– Dante’s debt to the Nicomachean Ethics
– How approachable is Aristotle?
– The Philosopher says these things
– Looking up the footnotes
– Nathan’s favorite Thomist
– Social virtue

Medieval Cosmology
– David lectures
– What Lewis says
– Hierarchies and boundaries

– The Guide
– Soul-sorting in The Aeneid
– Violating the social contract
– Dante’s poetic furniture
– How good is The Aeneid?
– David defends Orlando Furioso

Mythological Sources
– The absence of Homer
– The venerable Edith Hamilton

Later Dantes
– Hart Crane goes underground
– Cheever’s suburban inferno
– The Burial of the Dead
– O’Connor’s Purgatory
– Who hears Prufrock’s story?

Our Advice
– Read the other two!
– Don’t try to understand every reference
– Train yourself
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