Okay.  That’s enough with the Osama stuff.  How about some Job movies?

2 thoughts on “Osama Been Linkin'”
  1. Jeff Wright’s “QUESTIONS” are eating away at the mind and heart of every Christ filled individual. They’re not easy; they’re not supposed to be.

    Many years ago while in college I remember hearing a lectureship speaker say that becoming a Christian makes facing the questions easier; not for me. I did hope at one time that getting older would simplify things; but when you lose a child, both parents, and a sister within a couple of years; when you have a brother who took a life himself and is paying with the rest of his life, death becomes a close aquaintance, a very complex daily reality.

    As one who lost a child I actually felt pain for Saddam Hussein when he lost his sons. When Bin Laden was killed I felt relieved he was no longer a part of this world, but I would not rejoice in his death.

    The law of God has within it consequences. That is what Bin Laden and Hussein had to face; I accept that. But I grieve when people like them have to come into this world to display this painful truth.

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