The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #49: George Herbert

General Introduction
– Cold opening and warning
– What’s on the blog?
– (The book review is coming tomorrow)
– Thanks to Cap’n Thin!
– More on the in-car DVD player

On to Herbert, Shall We?
– Why we like him
– Biographical context
– Herbert plays Final Fantasy
– His true calling

“The Pulley”
– Humanity’s eternal restlessness
– Does God have a lack of self-confidence?
– What can Herbert add to our devotional lives?
– Herbert’s borderline impiety
– Where’s the Fall?

“The Collar”
– Herbert’s midlife crisis?
– Another lack
– The poem’s persona
– The advantages of time
– Connection to Psalm 73
– God’s response and Herbert’s response

Preachers and Poets
– Preachers infiltrate the academy
– Undoing what the romantics did
– Oracular verse for the god of self
– Poets infiltrate the church
– Are ministry majors hostile to the arts?

The H. Scriptures II
– The Bible’s interior echoes
– Constellations
– Why Herbert’s not proof-texting

Lightning Round
– Further Herbert recommendations

Augustine. Confessions. Trans. Henry Chadwick. New York: Oxford UP, 2009.

Herbert, George. The Temple and a Priest to the Temple. Charleston: BiblioBazaar, 2009.

Ovid. Metamorphoses. Trans. A.D. Melville. New York: Oxford UP, 2009.


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