The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #49: George Herbert

General Introduction
– Cold opening and warning
– What’s on the blog?
– (The book review is coming tomorrow)
– Thanks to Cap’n Thin!
– More on the in-car DVD player

On to Herbert, Shall We?
– Why we like him
– Biographical context
– Herbert plays Final Fantasy
– His true calling

“The Pulley”
– Humanity’s eternal restlessness
– Does God have a lack of self-confidence?
– What can Herbert add to our devotional lives?
– Herbert’s borderline impiety
– Where’s the Fall?

“The Collar”
– Herbert’s midlife crisis?
– Another lack
– The poem’s persona
– The advantages of time
– Connection to Psalm 73
– God’s response and Herbert’s response

Preachers and Poets
– Preachers infiltrate the academy
– Undoing what the romantics did
– Oracular verse for the god of self
– Poets infiltrate the church
– Are ministry majors hostile to the arts?

The H. Scriptures II
– The Bible’s interior echoes
– Constellations
– Why Herbert’s not proof-texting

Lightning Round
– Further Herbert recommendations

Augustine. Confessions. Trans. Henry Chadwick. New York: Oxford UP, 2009.

Herbert, George. The Temple and a Priest to the Temple. Charleston: BiblioBazaar, 2009.

Ovid. Metamorphoses. Trans. A.D. Melville. New York: Oxford UP, 2009.


5 thoughts on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #49: George Herbert

  1. Enjoyed the show as usual. Now I hate giving criticism of any kind, but this is totally constructive for the next show you guys may do on a poet. But I did feel like you guys lost Herbert for a while there in the middle for a significant amount of time. Now I totally know your podcast (and the humanities in general) is best when it explores related areas to the main subject, I just felt that the related topics took too much attention away from Herbert:) But that may have been the exact balance you were going for, so ignore my comments at your leisure:) Thanks for putting the work in guys,


  2. I’ll take the blame for the overall lack of focus this week, Chris. When the Internet gremlins derailed us and split the recording session up between Thursday and Monday, I lost all sense of how long we’d spent on what, and I shorted the discussions of the poetry. Hopefully future poetry discussions will run more smoothly on the digital end and feature better moderation on the human end. 🙂

  3. LIke I said, purely constructive. I still enjoyed and was edified by the show, as usual. God bless

  4. Liked the Herbert post (I’ve been slowly re-reading my way through The Temple since Holy Week, so the timing was nice). I enjoyed the more devotional/appreciative discussion of Herbert’s work (complete with readings) as opposed to the more usual philosophical/historical discussion. A nice break from the heavier content of other episodes.

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