Special guest Amy Frykholm joins Marie Hause and Victoria Reynolds Farmer for a discussion of the desert ascetic St. Mary of Egypt and Amy Frykholm’s book on her, Wild Woman.

Moderator: Marie Hause

Panelists: Victoria Reynolds Farmer and guest Amy Frykholm


How we first encountered St. Mary of Egypt


Discussion with Amy Frykholm of her book on St. Mary of Egypt, Wild Woman: A Footnote, the Desert, and My Quest for an Elusive Saint

  • Topics include who St. Mary of Egypt was, problems we might have with her story today and ways to reframe it, and the visual tradition

Discussion of the “Life of Mary of Egypt” appendix in Wild Woman

  • Topics include terms for lordship, St. Mary of Egypt in relation to Mary the Theotokos, and queer readings of the life of Mary of Egypt

Passing On

Marie: https://qspirit.net/marinos-marina-monk-transgender/

Victoria: Nancy Brokaw, “The Hiker and the Flaneur,” Ways of Walking, New Door Books (2022)

Amy: Alissa Wilkinson, Salty: Lessons on Eating, Drinking, and Living from Revolutionary Women (Broadleaf Books, 2022)

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