Some truths seem self-evident once somebody has spoken them, but someone needs to make that move.  So here goes: whenever any of us teaches, that teacher teaches something.  Teaching a mechanic how to maintain an automobile’s engine involves things that teaching differential calculus doesn’t, and neither of those is quite the same as teaching Shotokan karate.  Michael Burger’s new book Reading History from University of Toronto Press sets out to explore what it might look like to teach history, and Christian Humanist Profiles is happy to welcome him to the show to talk about that book and that enterprise.

Gilmour’s note: Towards the end of the recording, Gilmour’s home Internet quit, and our conversation ended abruptly. The outage was local (several neighborhoods), and it cut us off mid-sentence. However, the interview was strong enough at that point that we decided to publish what we did have rather than attempt to recreate the whole interview.

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