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In the inaugural episode of our new show, Michial Farmer, Christina Bieber Lake, and Jay Eldred talk about the first two books of Homer’s Iliad.

Show Notes

  • Our translations of the Iliad: Richmond Lattimore (1951), Stanley Lombardo (1997), and Caroline Alexander (2015).
  • Michial Farmer recommends David Denby’s Great Books (no doubt not for the last time).
  • Christina mentions Zeynep Tufekci’s blog post about Game of Thrones’s shift from a sociological to a personal story.
  • Jay compares the Greek conception of glory to Terry Pratchett’s The Last Hero. (Jay also talked about Pratchett on The Christian Feminist Podcast last fall.)
  • We all hate the 2004 Brad Pitt film Troy. And Christina hate/loves 300
  • G.K. Chesterton’s The Everlasting Man on the sadness of paganism:
    A thing of this kind can only be an impressing and a
    rather subtle impression; but to me it is a very strong impression made
    by pagan literature and religion. I repeat that in our special
    sacramental sense there is, of course, the absence of the presence of
    God. But there is in a very real sense the presence of the absence of
    God. We feel it in the unfathomable sadness of pagan poetry; for I doubt
    if there was ever in all the marvellous manhood of antiquity a man who
    was happy as St. Francis was happy.
  • Our theme music was provided by Blue Dot Sessions.

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