Episode 109: Beth Moore, Owen Strachan, and Women in the SBC





Personal Background:

-What experiences (if any) have you had with women speaking from the front on Sunday mornings in complementarian churches?



Katie with some general background on this kerfuffle, what the original Beth Moore tweets were, and why some SBC leaders might have already been uncomfortable with her when this all went down.

Alexis with a quick bio of Owen Strachan and a summary of the Owen Strachan article: Divine Order in a Chaotic Age: On Women Preaching

Blake with a quick bio of Beth Allison Barr and a summary of the Beth Allison Barr article: Because Complementarianism Is About Power



Linkstorm to Other Readings We Mentioned

Beth Moore Tweets on Mother’s Day Preaching

J.D. Greear’s “Can Women Teach in The Church?”

Beth Allison Barr’s “A New Hope for Evangelical Women”

Beth Moore’s Tweet Thread on Misogyny in Complementarian Leadership

Pastors’ Talk Podcast, Episode 93: On 1 Timothy 2:12 and Recent Complementarian Kerfuffles

Knowing Faith Podcast, Episode #44: A Generous Complementarianism

Jen Wilkin’s “Counsel for a Complementarian Pastor”



Passing On

Katie: “How Prison Ministry Inspired an All-Female Audio Bible”: Courtney Ellis Interviews Ann White

Alexis: The Role of Women at the Village Church (short version)The Role of Women at the Village Church (long version)

Blake: Frank Turek’s Stealing From God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case




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