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Nathan Gilmour, David Grubbs, and Danny Anderson talk back to listeners and answer your emails.

The subject matter breaks down as follows:

  • 3:00-9:35 [The Excluded Catholic]
  • 9:36-14:33 [Ages Past: Since the Beginning]
  • 14:35-16:05 [Lucrative Project]
  • 16:06- 18:55 [Sex and Children’s Tales]
  • 18:56-26:09 [Challenges in Expertise and German Struggles]
  • 26:11-29:45 [The Office]
  • 29:49- 35:09 [Aviation Stories and the Fox in the Desert]
  • 35:10 – 40:18 [Johnathan Dudley Interview]
  • 40:20-43:12 [Praise for the Existentialist]
One thought on “Christian Humanist Podcast Episode 169”
  1. I heartily second the Wind in the Willows episode suggestion. I’ve been faintly hoping for an episode on that novel as well; it’s got tons of great discussion fodder about nature, divinity, provincialism, wanderlust, transience, poetry, class, friendship, and a whole heap of other good subjects. And, besides, it’s just a beautiful little book.

    Very excited to hear you guys talk about The Seventh Seal next week. That’s another episode I’ve considered suggesting in the past, but it looks like y’all have beat me to the punch.

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