machiavellichpOld Nick they called him, and he earned himself a spot on the earliest versions of the earliest versions of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum with his treatise The Prince.  History remembers him as a guide for those who would survive and defeat enemies in the cutthroat world of politics.  But Christopher Celenza, author of Machiavelli, A Portrait, from Harvard University Press, does not let us rest content with the stereotypes and the legends.  Instead, in his brief and enjoyable book, Celenza provides some historical context within which to think about Machievelli’s ideas as well as a look into his biography and his activity as a writer of history, comedy, and copious letters.  Christian Humanist Profiles is delighted to welcome Chris Celenza on to the show to talk Machiavelli with us.

2 thoughts on “Christian Humanist Profiles 38: Chris Celenza on Machiavelli”
  1. Interesting episode. Sometimes I see it suggested that The Prince is actually satire – I guess that’s probably not correct?

  2. JoelJ I’ve seen that reading, though Celenza’s book doesn’t even countenance the possibility, so in the interview I didn’t really go down that road.

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