The-Little-Prince-001Michial Farmer holds court with David Grubbs and Nathan Gilmour about the children’s novel The Little Prince by Antoine Saint-Exupéry. The trio digs into the satirical and philosophical character of the book before discovering once again that Gilmour is heartless and that Farmer gets sad more easily than most.

5 thoughts on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #145: The Little Prince”
  1. dmmattson Thanks so much for the heads-up!  I’ve fixed the root file and tested it; the fix should migrate to FeedBurner and iTunes and Stitcher in the next hour or so.

  2. I haven’t read The Little Prince, but from the description it sounds like Gilmour is onto something with the Vonnegut comparision. Vonnegut inserts himself directly into Breakfast of Champions – when two of his characters get into a bar fight, he is sitting in the room working on the book. Later he encounters one of the characters (Kilgore Trout, who is an author himself), and Vonnegut tries to tell him that he is giving him free will. Though Kilgore doesn’t understand what he’s talking about him.

  3. JoelJ Yes.  I looked it up after we recorded so that I could remember whether I had meant Breakfast of Champions or whether it was Slaughterhouse Five.  You’re right that Breakfast was the one that was coming to mind.  (Yes, my episode prep was not entirely rigorous for that one.)

  4. ngilmour JoelJ He’s basically in Slaughterhouse-Five, too, though, in the sense that it begins with a preface where he talks about visiting his war buddy.

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