The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #129: Ghostbusters

General IntroductionGhostbusters
– Getting on up there
– In almost-Spring Break
– Grubbsy’s back!
– Listener feedback
– Terence Malick
– Where to start with Updike
– Christian high schools and Christian colleges

The Ghostbusters as Academics
– Different from one another
– Venkman, the academic tick
– Spengler and Stantz, the true believers
– Conflicts with the administration
– Well, ghosts are white, right?
– Farmer shills for the video game
– Slobs vs. snobs

– What Dan Aykroyd believes
– Its organized supernatural world
– Science and the supernatural
– Medicalizing the sacred world

On Winston Zeddemore
– I love Jesus’s style
– Stantz becomes a skeptic
– The importance of this scene
– Winston’s PhD

A Comedy of Humours
– Winston the sanguine
– Peter the phlegmatic
– Ray the melancholy
– Egon the choleric
– Or another interpretation
– Lining the Christian humanists up with the Ghostbusters

Urban Alienation
– Dana and Louis
– Louis’s pathetic party
– The gods intervene

The EPA and Reagan-Era Conservatism
– Entrepreneur as hero
– Danny doesn’t get political
– Slobs vs. snobs, revisited
– Is Peck the real hero of this movie?
– Grubbs defends the Ghostbusters
– The corporate villain

Other Stuff
– How well it holds up
– The scruffy elites
– The movie’s content
– Murray’s ironic distance
– What might have been
– Sequelitis

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