The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #130: A C.S. Lewis Overview

A note: You may notice a marked difference in tone between the General Introduction and the rest of the episode. This is because they were recorded on two different days. We had a lot more energy on the Thursday afternoon when we recorded the introduction than we did on the Friday afternoon when we recorded the rest. So if we sound a bit exhausted, that’s why.

General Introductiontumblr_inline_moe1letjjW1qz4rgp
– (I know I need to re-record the intro. It’ll happen next week.)
– The gang’s all back together!
– Printing emails
– Listener feedback
Postmodernism and the Lego Movie
A Ghostbusters oral history
Star Trek as utopia

Lewis’s Biography and Conversion
– Grubbs rides an elevator
– Lewis’s boyhood
– Rigid dialectic
– Anthropological atheism
– Beauty and sense as weak spots
– Chronological snobbery
– Idealism, Theism, Christianity
– An intellectual conversion

The Chronicles of Narnia
– The resistance to allegory
– Sloppy allegories
– Mrs. Beaver’s sewing machine
– The enduring popularity
– Child proxies

The Space Trilogy
– David fills us in
– Visiting physically and relationally
– “Worldviews”

Apologetics Works
Mere Christianity
– The perks of a state religion
– The argument from morality
The Abolition of Man
– Comparative religion
– Ideas, milk, wine, and whiskey
– Lewis the careful thinker

Literary Criticism
– Dismissing allegories
– Prepping you for the Middle Ages
– Uninteresting titles
– Professor Lewis and Jack
– The Golden Age

Lewis and Evangelicals
– Smoking and drinking
– A Christian humanist
– Relevance vs. recalling
– Doctrinal issues
– In which we rag on Francis Schaeffer for awhile
– Replacing the conversation

Enduring Ideas
A gateway drug for Christian humanists
A Grief Observed
– Veiled universalism
– The true myth

Our theme music this week is Poor Old Lu’s “Where Were All of You” from their album Sin. It was the best I could do.

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