General Introduction   
– St. Bonaduce
– Listener feedback
– Our new sponsor: Comcast Cable!

Eliciting Personal Reactions
– The social place of the horror film
– Sequels ad nauseam
– Monster cereal
The Shining
– Atmosphere
– Danny’s supernatural story
– Eating chili with Leatherface

The History of Horror
– Popular early genre
– The Golden Age of the movie monster
– Horror and sci-fi
– Slasher movies
– Why are they so popular?
– Non-silent silence

– Human will without human intention
– The new sciences of biology and medicine
– Karloff vs. Shelley
– Post-adult body
– Frankenstein and the golem

– The humanist in Danny is offended
– Voodoo roots
– The Romero zombie
28 Days Later and Eliot
– Conformity and the living dead
– The downfall of Western civilization
– All about loss
– Frankenstein and zombies
– Zombies as critiques of libertarianism
– How fast should they move?

Christianity and Horror Films
– Teenage antagonism
– Copycat Christian horror movies
– Avoidance and appropriation in The Passion of the Christ
– Christian heresies dressed up pretty
– Sin and justice
– Why Lovecraft is hard to adapt

Featured Creatures
– Werewolves and Oscar Wilde
– Godzilla wrecks your city
– Why the curse matters
– Danny lobbies for the ghost story

Creature Features
Bram Stoker’s Dracula vs. The Blair Witch Project
Carnival of Souls
The Wolf Man 

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