Thank you, loyal reader, for your, well, loyal reading this year. Here are our ten most popular posts of the year–or at least the ten posts that attracted the most web traffic:

1) Bible, Tradition, Theology, Pt. 1: The Nature of God (Gilmour)
2) Alienation, Existentialism, and the Theological Hole (Farmer)
3) On Specialization (Farmer)
4) Better to Be Beaten (Grubbs)
5) More on Marriage (Farmer)
6) Creation Doesn’t Stop at Harvest (Gilmour)
7) Why Getting Plato Right Does Matter (Gilmour)
8) The Hoosier on Daylight Saving (Gilmour–talk about a black-sheep candidate!)
9) Loose Thoughts on the Texas Schoolbook Controversy (Farmer)
10) Thy Kingdom Connected (Gilmour)
And our most-downloaded podcasts that we recorded this year:

1) Episode #21: Literary Criticism
2) Episode #10: Literary Hell
3) Episode #10.1: Comedy
4) Episode #14: Literary Genesis
5) Episode #17: Literary Theory and Great Books
6) Episode #9: Haiti Earthquake
7) Episode #13: Death of Conservatism
8) Episode #8: Apologetics
9) Episode #22: Stage Comedy
10) Episode #22.1: Science

All but the last two come from the spring season, which makes a certain amount of sense. Our most popular episode of the fall was #25: Plato.

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