The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #113: Tradition

General Introduction
– The Christian Feminist Podcast
– Christian Humanist Profiles
– The once and future host

Tradition and Roman Law
– Intangible inheritances
– Tradition as betrayal
– To translate is to betray
– The Roman Catholic meaning

Tradition vs. Progress
– A function of the Enlightenment
– An improvement on inheritance
– Where does progress go wrong?
– Progress from a perspective
– Saving Hegel from the Hegelians
– Burke’s traditionalist progress

Traditional vs. Contemporary
– Whose tradition? Which century’s tradition?
– Plugging in
– The Baby Boomers and their heirs
– Those young polyphonous upstarts!
– An awful Charles Wesley lyric
– Hymnals and Power Point

Traditional vs. Conservative
– Social and economic institutions
– Neo-conservatism and paleo-conservatism
– Stipulative definitions
– Anti-communism
– The death of conservatism?
– Global capitalism and tradition

Perspectives on Tradition
– MacIntyre the anti-antiquarianist
– Matthew Arnold, the philistines, and the barbarians
– Gadamer’s streams of tradition

Tradition and Globalization
– Returning to church music
– Mass broadcasting and local traditions
– The power is yours
– Post-colonialism and the New Left
– Former globalizations
– Tradition vs. good tradition

Tradition and the Life of Faith
– A wider, longer view of tradition
– The Bible and other books
– The specter of syncretism

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