The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #112: Authenticity

General Introduction
– Listener feedback
– The Christian Feminist Podcast

Beginning with Grammar
– Reflection of essential being
– The trouble with the term
– Self-concept and projected self
– Inauthenticity and hypocrisy

Heideggerian Authenticity
– What makes Dasein Dasein?
– Death as Dasein’s ownmost
– Authenticity vs. genuineness
– Inauthentic attitudes toward death
– Heidegger as atheist Catholic

Sincerity and Authenticity
– Hegel as dividing line
– Relationships vs. oppositions
– Performance of social roles
– Freud comes in
– Back to Thoreau and King
– An attack on the rise of the New Left
– Authenticity in music

The Cult of the Authentic
– Authenticity as God-term
– “Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say”
– Pretending to believe something you don’t believe
– Postmodernism and authenticity
– Authenticity as institutional critique

The Authentic Establishment
– What is the face of Protestantism?
– The shift to the Megachurch
– An excuse for laziness?
– The reformers age into conservatives
Religion as devil-term

An Argument from Definition
– A stipulative definition
– Existence precedes essence
– Cultivating the self
– “Inauthenticity” among college students
– Faking it
– The contingency of human experience
– The virtue of constancy
– The post-sincerity posture and the perpetual meh

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